UNIT: A football match. Part I

Beginner. Past Simple Beginner. Спорт/Здоровье, Жизнь/психология


a sweeper  - чистильщик a coach  - тренер
a field - поле a slight injury - легкая травма
a team -  команда a forward - нападающий
a fan  - болельщик warning - предупреждение
to clap - хлопать to have to (had, had)   - должен

My friend and I came to that football match earlier that day so we saw the  sweepers cleaning the field . Some minutes later the teams came out and the fans started to clap . Two coaches looked at each other with anger and the match started. During the first half there were three goals and the goalkeeper got a slight injury . There was a foul from the forward and he got a warning . But I think the referee had to give him a red card.

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