UNIT: My art lesson

Beginner. Past Simple Beginner. История/Культура, Жизнь/психология


to pose naked - позировать обнаженной to do one's best - сделать все возможное
to draw from nature - рисовать с натуры to depict - изображать
to capture передавать diligence - усердие
a facial expression - выражение лица to scrape out - стереть часть картины
a message - идея paint splattered - забрызганный краской

When I came to an art academy that day I was late. There were 15 students in the room, each was standing next to an easel. There was a lady who posed naked sitting on the chair. I didn’t draw from nature before, so I asked the teacher for help. He said that I should capture her facial expression and also put some message into my picture. I tried to do my best and depict the lady with all my diligence . The picture was almost ready when I decided to scrape out the half of it. When everybody finished work my teacher took my masterpiece, showed to everyone and said “I am sure there is some message in his work, but I’m not sure that I like this kind of messages”. I thought that it was a compliment and went home paint splattered and happy.  

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