UNIT: How I painted my first masterpiece

Beginner. Past Simple Beginner. История/Культура, Жизнь/психология


miserable - грустный to break (broke, broken) the paint - размешать краску
thoughts - мысли a brushstroke  - мазок краской
to express - выражать disappointing - разочаровывающий
an easel - мольберт skill  - навык
a canvas - холст remarkable - удивительный

It was a cold and snowy evening, I came back home after work at 9 pm as usual. I was very sad and tired. I came to the window and sat down on the chair. My brain was full of miserable thoughts . I decided to express my thoughts somehow. I took my grandfather’s easel and put a canvas on it. I broke the paint and made some brushstrokes . I spent almost an hour painting but the result was disappointing. I understood that I didn’t have enough painting skills and I had to study first If I wanted to draw something really remarkable . Anyway, my miserable thoughts went away so I fell asleep calm and relaxed.

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