UNIT: Art isn't a simple thing

Beginner. Present Simple Beginner. История/Культура, Жизнь/психология


modern art - современное искусство to practise art - рисовать
an exhibition  - выставка a dauber - плохой художник
a canvas - холст to affect - волновать, поражать
an easel  - мольберт pathetic - жалкий
to create a masterpiece - создавать шедевр an art dealer - маршан

My friend is fond of modern art . He goes to art exhibitions every weekend. He takes his canvas and easel and sits down in the middle of the hall inside and starts creating a masterpiece . He practises art not only at the exhibitions but also at home every day. But people think he is a dauber and his drawings don’t affect them. He looks pathetic when he tries to sell some of his works with the help of a new art dealer again. But I am sure the right time will come and he will become a very famous person.

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