UNIT: Advertising as the way of life

Beginner. Can, must, should. Beginner. Бизнес, Жизнь/психология


such as - такие как marketable  - ходовые товары
a poster  - объявление to meet the needs - удовлетворять потребности
a sample-  образец target audience - целевая аудитория
goods - товары to increase sales  - увеличить продажи
at no charge - бесплатно to bring a product   - вывести продукт на рынок

My boyfriend is a marketing manager and he also designs different things such as posters and banners. We have a lot of samples of goods. The clients give them to my boyfriend at no charge . I can’t open the cupboard without a new modern toothpaste or a shampoo falling on my head. I know what is marketable nowadays and what is not. I know that you should meet the needs of the target audience to increase sales . I know when there is a special time “we must bring a new product to market in 3 days” I mustn’t even speak when he works. I don’t know only the place where to move from him.

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