UNIT: My boyfriend and a TV-set

Beginner. Present Simple Beginner. Жизнь/психология


almost - почти commercials - рекламный ролик
breaking news - последние новости can’t stand - не выносить
stuff ерунда   a clicker - пульт
advertising - реклама stupid - глупый
to be aware of - быть в курсе a couch potato - лежебока

My boyfriend likes to watch TV so much. When he is at home the TV-set is always on. He is at home almost all the time, so I know all the breaking news from the First Channel. I ask him “Why do you like watching this stuff ?” He answers that his job is advertising so he should be aware of all commercials that are on TV and the first channel has the best commercials to show. Sometimes I can’t stand watching these programs and I take the clicker and switch this stupid machine off. I don’t want to become a couch potato one day.

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