UNIT: Virus attacks

Beginner. Present Simple Beginner. Технологии, Жизнь/психология


to download  - загружать to switch   on  - включать
antivirus software - антивирус to send  -  отправлять
properly - правильно an attachment - приложение
to shut down - выключаться software - программное обеспечение
to wait for - ждать none of your business - не твое дело

His name is Konstantin. When he downloads some videos from the Internet he sometimes catches viruses. His antivirus software doesn’t work properly . He sees the black screen, the system shuts down, he waits for some minutes and switches it on again. After that all the emails that Konstantin sends usually have  а virus in the attachment . I always say to him “Change your software or stop downloading these videos!” He says “It’s none of your business ”. I have nothing to answer, he is my boss..

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