UNIT: Angry coach. Part I

Beginner. Present Simple Beginner. Спорт/Здоровье


strong - сильный push-ups  - отжимания
muscular - мускулистый to do sit-ups качать пресс
exhausted уставший squats   - приседания
while - во время crunches - скручивания
to consist of - состоять из etc - и так далее

My coach is a very strong , healthy and muscular man. When we are almost exhausted while doing exercises he likes to say “Do it or go back home to your mummy and cry!” Our trainings consist of  a lot of exercises such as push-ups , sit-ups , squats , crunches, etc . Sometimes I think that Yoga is better for me because I don’t want to die in the gym one day.

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