UNIT: My garage

Beginner. Предлоги места. Жизнь/психология


the only one - единственный a cellar - подвал
to keep хранить space место
a shelf  - полка to produce   производить
a corner  -  угол to notice - замечать
a floor  пол to move двигаться

My garage is my second home, but my wife sometimes says that it can become my first and the only one . I spend in my garage all the weekends and I also go to this lovely place every evening after work. There are many devices for my future car. I keep them on the shelves , in the corners and even under the floor in the cellar . There is nothing in the middle of the garage. This empty space is for my car. There are two huge boxes with some garbage inside and there is a moonshine between these two boxes under the rag. I keep the divine elixir that I produce behind the boxes. I can’t keep it in front of the boxes, because my wife can notice it and ask me to move to the garage.

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