UNIT: Nikita Khlebunets and his ordinary day. Part II

Beginner. Present Simple Beginner. Жизнь/психология


to become  - становиться favourite любимый
inspiration вдохновение till до
to share - делиться to shout   кричать
empty пустой guest   - гость
to listen to слушать(музыку) it’s high time самое время

Nikita wakes up the second time at 5 pm. He checks his Instagram again and becomes happy because there are some likes under his selfie. The inspiration usually comes to Nikita when he is happy. So he spends some hours on painting. After that he eats his healthy hamburger from the restaurant and asks his friends to come to the party. He doesn’t want to share his food so he usually says that his fridge is empty . When his friends come they start a party. They listen to their favourite songs by Didier Marouani till Nikita’s sun comes and starts to shout : “Dear guests , it’s high time to go out of our flat.” This is the end of the day.

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