GRAMMAR: Level Test for Intermediate Level and higher

Read the following text and get ready to do some tasks.

Call me mother

A friend of mine and her new husband were enjoying a romantic evening at the restaurant. They were still in love and were sitting looking into each others eyes. But soon they noticed an elderly lady dining alone at the opposite table. She was gazing at them with love and admiration. They smiled back politely and the old dear came up to their table.

“I'm sorry to trouble you” she began sadly, “I have never seen such a beautiful couple in my life. I have been watching you all the evening. You know, my dear, your wife looks so much like my daughter. She was killed last year and I have been so miserable ever since. I miss her terribly. I wonder if you will be able to do me a great favor?” The couple said that they would do so. “It will give me such a joy if just as I am leaving you can say “goodbye, Mum!”

Certaily they could not refuse her this. A few minutes later the old lady stood up to leave the two diners did as she had asked them. Soon their bill was brought. They checked and rechecked it and finally made the manager explain why it was so massive. “Your bill includes the old lady's meal”, was the answer, "she expected her daughter to pay for her. Is not that natural?"

Answer the following question:
Translate the sentences into Russian.
Rewrite the sentences using as many synonyms as possible.
Listen to the talk and write what words are missing in the sentences.
Share your experience.