UNIT: My balcony

Beginner. There is / there are. Жизнь/психология


а kitchen - кухня а pigeon голубь
also также useless бесполезный
useful - полезный а carpet   ковер
fluffy пушистый broken - сломанный
а bear мишка а washing machine стиралка

I live in a big flat. My family lives with me. There are 5 rooms in my flat. There is a kitchen , a bathroom, a living room, a toilet and a small room for kids in it.  There is also a balcony there. There are very useful things in the balcony. For example, you can see my grandfather's scooter, my grandmother’s old computer, Dendy, my lovely fluffy toys, a rabbit toy, a tiger toy, a bear toy and my favourite grey pigeon toy there. There are also different useless things in my balcony, such as an old carpet and a broken washing machine . When I want to relax I go to my balcony, sit on the chair and look out of the window..

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