UNIT: Pokémon Go Sets Off Worldwide Hype

Intermediate. Gerund Upper-Intermediate. Технологии


a hype - оживление to release - выпускать
to accompany - сопровождать to skyrocket - подскакивать
to determine - определять phenomenon - явление
to capture - поймать, схватить to lure - привлекать, заманивать
to increase - увеличивать to rob - грабить, красть

Pokémon Go   is a new reality game that has   created   a   hype   around the world. It is   unique   because it   combines   the real world with a virtual   one.   Pokémon Go   uses a mobile phone’s   GPS device   to   capture   and fight against   mysterious   creatures   wherever a person goes.  In the first few weeks after the game’s   release   it was downloaded by over a hundred million people.

A user starts Pokémon Go by downloading the   app   on their mobile phone and choosing an   avatar   who   accompanies   them throughout the game. The player’s location is   determined   by the phone’s GPS signal. A two-dimensional   map   turns into a virtual one.  As you move around so does the real-world map. When you see a Pokémon you can throw a so-called Pokéball to   capture   it.   Depending on   where in the world you are, you get to see different types of Pokémons and other objects. By going to different   locations,   you can   increase   your playing level. The game is free to play but you must buy PokéCoins to unlock   special   items.

Pokémon Go   may   turn out   to be one of the most successful mobile games of all times. Shortly after Nintendo, the game’s   owner, released   the app, the company’s   value   on   stock markets   skyrocketed.

Nintendo also created the original Pokémon in the middle of the 1990s. In that game players were able to catch, train and fight against little monsters in a virtual world.   Especially   those who have played the original version are now the ones who are   attracted   to   Pokémon Go .

While the app has turned into a   social phenomenon   there has also been negative news. There have been reports of people being lured   into places and robbed or players   accidentally   running into cars and getting hit while following a Pokémon.

Answer the following questions:
Is the information TRUE, FALSE or NOT GIVEN?
Match the words and the translation.
Read about the Gerund and choose the correct answers.
Read about the Gerund and complete the sentences.
Change the sentences using the Gerund.
Translate the sentences into English.
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