UNIT: A Screen On The Back Of Trucks

Intermediate. Present Progressive Pre-Intermediate. Технологии


stationary - стационарный head-on collision - лобовое столкновение
to obscure the vision - закрывать обзор to confirm - подтвердить
solution - решение to mount - монтировать, устанавливать
to emit fumes - выпускать выхлопные газы to distract - отвлекать
to opt - предпочитать frequent - частый

Samsung Invents A Screen On The Back Of Trucks To Show The Road Ahead

You are living in a world where a watch is a computer and a table is an air conditioner.

Samsung is the next company to have overlap in the invention arena. The company’s newest invention is a television set. Nothing unusual for Samsung, a company known for its electronics, right?

Guess again.

Samsung’s newest television is the back wall of a truck.

We’re not talking a stationary truck either. You don’t sit stagnant in your car and watch the back of the truck like you’re in a drive-in movie. While you are driving on the open highway, you watch the images on the screen which display the traffic in your lane in front of the truck. The “safety truck” is designed for drivers on a two-lane highway with each lane moving in the opposite direction of traffic.


  • Many drivers won’t drive behind trucks since they obscure their vision of the lane. This invention is the solution since the images on the screen depict the lane in front of the truck.
  • If trucks move slowly or emit smelly fumes , drivers may opt to go around the truck. Head-on collisions occur when drivers strike what is in the lane with oncoming traffic.
  • The screen will show drivers if there are objects in the oncoming traffic lane or if it is safe to pass the truck.
  • The screen adapts to both light and dark driving conditions.
  • The “safety truck” has already been tested, and Samsung has confirmed it can save lives.
  • The technology is simple. There is a wireless camera mounted on the front of the truck which displays the lane ahead on a screen mounted on the back wall of the truck.


  • Watching the images on the truck’s screen can easily distract the driver. While you are driving, your eyes scan the periphery of the road. If a screen with images on it is in front of the driver, the driver might focus on the screen and not the rest of the road.
  • Since the purpose of the truck is to make passing on a two-lane road safer, it may be useless on a multi-lane highway.
  • The cost, still unmentioned by Samsung, is likely to be so expensive it might not come into frequent use. Although currently not on the market, Samsung is now working with governmental agencies to advance their new invention.

Answer the following questions:
Is the information TRUE, FALSE or NOT GIVEN?
Match the words and the translation.
Read about the Present Progressive and fill in the proper form of the verb.
Fill in the gaps with the necessary form of the following words:
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