UNIT: How 30 Minutes a Day Can Increase Your Intelligence

Upper-Intermediate. Reported Speech. Requests and questions.. Жизнь/психология


to acquire - приобретать breakthrough - прорыв
gratification - удовлетворение to implement - осуществлять
to end up stuck in a rut - погрязнуть в рутине commute  - путь на работу
obvious - очевидный considerable - значительный
to ensure - гарантировать let alone  - не говоря уже о

If you ask me, where humans go wrong is with their lack of patience. That, and their recent acquired taste for instant gratification . The reality is that things take time. Richard Branson didn’t become a millionaire overnight. Madonna was not an overnight success. David Beckham was not born a superstar footballer. That says it’s actually pretty easy to improve yourself. Why? Because most people don’t bother. The majority of people don’t do a single thing to improve themselves. They just coast along expecting the world and everyone else to change for them and then get frustrated when they end up stuck in a rut . Don't be like them. We strongly recommend you to start a new page !

So I’ve come up with a new theory: The Half Hour Theory.

I love it because it’s actually pretty easy to integrate into your life. The general idea is that you do one small thing every day for half an hour and then as time goes by you gradually improve. Sounds obvious , doesn’t it? You’d be surprised how many people don’t do the obvious. They do a lot of ‘talking about the obvious’ but rarely do they take action.

This could take the form of half an hour’s reading every day.  Do it for one year and you have read the equivalent of 24 books that’s more than most people read over a decade, let alone one year! You may even want to improve the speed of your reading so you can learn faster.

Study every day a new language or a new skill.  This would equate to a full 6 week course by the end of the year. Take a half an h our every day to spend time on the Internet, researching into something that really interests you. Doing this will ensure that you are always up to date with new trends and breakthroughs in your area of interest. The point is that by dedicating a small amount of time every day to something that will expand your intelligence or improve your life in some way, you will (after a while) notice a large result.

How half an hour can increase your intelligence

Here’s how to implement The Half Hour Theory:

- Pick something yo u’ve always wanted to learn or become more proficient in.

- Schedule in a ha lf an hour everyday to devote to learning the new skill (early morning is often a good time as there are no distractions, times during a commute are also great as this is dead time).

-After a considerable amount of time(a few months at least) check in to see what yo u’ve learned. You’ll be surprised to see how much progress you’ve actually made.

- Don’t beat yours elf up if you miss a few sessions simply get back on track. Remember:you’re doing more than the average person even if you fall a little bit off course.

- Don't be hasty. Be patient. Don’t expect results overnight. It takes time to build up a new skill.

Answer the following questions:
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Match the words and the synonyms.
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