UNIT: The stone оn the road

Pre-Intermediate. Another, other, others, the others, the other. Жизнь/психология


to deserve - заслуживать stranger - незнакомец
nearby - рядом neighbour - сосед
to make (made, made) no effort - не прилагать усилий to stumble on - наткнуться на
instead - вместо strength - сила
hardworking - трудолюбивый thoughtful - вдумчивый

Many years ago, there lived a rich man who wished to do something for other people of his village. First, however, he wanted to find out whether others deserved his help. In the center of the main road in the village, he placed a very large stone. Then he hid nearby and waited to see what would happen. Soon an old farmer passed with his cow.

-‘’What fool put this big stone right in the center of the road?’ said the farmer. However, he made no effort to remove the stone. Instead , with some difficulty he passed around the stone and continued on his way. Another man came along, and the same thing happened; then another came, and another, and another. All of them complained about the stone in the center of the road, but none of them spent time or took trouble to remove it. Towards evening, a young man came along. He was honest and hardworking . He saw the stone and said to himself, “The night will be dark. Some stranger or a neighbour will come along in the dark, stumble on the stone, and perhaps hurt himself.” The young man began to remove the stone. He pushed and pulled with all his strength , and moved it to one side. But imagine his surprise when under the stone, he found a bag full of money and this message: This money is for the thoughtful person who removes this stone from the road. That person deserves help!”
Answer the following questions:
Is the information TRUE, FALSE or NOT GIVEN?
Match the words and the translation.
Read about the other, another, others and choose the correct word.
Fill in the gaps with the necessary form of the words.
Translate the sentences into English.
Make up 10 sentences with the new words, try to use “other, others, another”.
Describe the situation when...