UNIT: We clean our teeth the wrong way

Pre-Intermediate. Present Simple Beginner. Спорт/Здоровье


researcher - исследователь to suggest - предлагать
incorrect - неправильный to damage наносить ущерб
to involve включать в себя pressure   - давление
backwards - в обратном направлении immediate - немедленный
forwards - вперед an acid  - кислота

Scientists from a London university say we clean our teeth the wrong way. Researchers found that different dentists give us different advice. The researchers looked at advice in dental textbooks, toothpaste instructions and dental clinics. They found five basic ways of tooth-brushing and said all of them were incorrect. Most of the methods involve moving the toothbrush along the teeth, using small circular movements. The researchers said we should stop doing this. They said we should use a backwards and forwards movement instead.

The lead author of the study is a professor of dental public health. He said we need good information on the best way to brush our teeth. The research suggests   not brushing teeth more than twice a day. This damages the enamel on the teeth. We should brush for no longer than three minutes each time. We shouldn't use too much pressure and brush our teeth too hard. Researchers also said we shouldn't clean our teeth immediately after eating. This is when strong acid in your mouth can damage teeth. We should also clean our tongue because it has a lot of bacteria.

Answer the following questions:
Is the information TRUE, FALSE or NOT GIVEN?
Match the words and the translation.
Read about the Present Simple and choose the proper form of the verb.
Fill in the gaps with the proper form of the verb using the Present Simple.
Translate the sentences into English.
Make up sentences with the following words:
Express your opinion on the following: