UNIT: Scotland strips titles which it gave to Donald Trump

Advanced. Passive Voice Upper-Intermediate. Бизнес


to strip - снимать to pander - пособничать
a tycoon - магнат, шишка an ambassador   - посол
mogul - магнат, важная персона incompatible - несовместимый
controversy   - спор, дискуссия, полемика ethos - моральная цель, идеал, дух
to revoke - отменять, брать назад therefore - вследствие этого

A Scottish university and the leader of Scotland's main political party have stripped Donald Trump of titles he had previously been given . Billionaire tycoon Mr Trump is currently the leader of the race to become the Republican Party's contender for USA president in November 2016. Trump's mother is Scottish and the business mogul has invested heavily in golf and tourism projects in Scotland. However, his recent call for all Muslims to be barred   from entering the USA has created considerable controversy. The Scottish National Party (SNP) took away his title of "Global Scot" ambassador, and Scotland's Robert Gordon University revoked an honorary doctoral degree it awarded him in 2010.

Donald Trump has reacted angrily to his titles being taken away from him. He accused SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon of failing to appreciate his greatness. He said: "Politicians should be thanking me instead of pandering to political correctness. I have done so much for Scotland." Ms Sturgeon said Mr Trump's "recent remarks have shown he is no longer fit to be a business ambassador for Scotland". A spokesman for the Robert Gordon University stated: "In the course of the current US election campaign, Mr Trump has made a number of statements that are wholly incompatible with the ethos and values of the university. The university has therefore decided to revoke its award of the honorary degree."

Answer the following questions:
Is the information TRUE, FALSE or NOT GIVEN?
Match the words and the translation.
Read about the Passive Voice and choose the proper form of the verb.
Read about the Passive Infinitive and fill in the gaps with the proper form of the verb.
Read about the Passive Gerund and match the sentences.
Translate the sentences into English.
Make up sentences with the following words:
Express your opinion on the following: