UNIT: Places of Interest in Moscow

Pre-Intermediate. Articles with places and organisations. История/Культура


a place of interest - достопримечательность an apprentice - ученик
a monument - памятник to exhibit - выставлять, экспонировать
to be proud of - гордиться чем-то up the hill - в гору
a fort - крепость to exist - существовать
a cathedral - Кафедральный собор a rental fee - арендная плата

There are many places of interest in Moscow. The city is famous for its historical monuments, museums, art galleries and theatres. The Historical Museum, the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, the Tretyakov State Picture Gallery are world famous. Moscow is proud of the Bolshoy, Maly and Art theatres. The Kremlin - the oldest historical and architectural centre - is the heart of Moscow. At first it was a wooden fort. Under Dmitry Donskoy the Kremlin was built of white stone. During the reign of Ivan III the walls of white stone were replaced by redbrick walls and towers. The Tsar invited Italian architects to construct the cathedrals. The Russian Tsars and Emperors were crowned in the Assumption Cathedral. The Archangel Cathedral was the burial place of the Russian Princes and Tsars. The Annunciation Cathedral is famous for the icons painted by Andrew Rublev and his apprentices.

Ivan the Great Bell Tower is one of the most remarkable structures of the 16-th century. It rises in the centre of the Kremlin. On the stone pedestal at the foot of the Bell Tower stands the Tsar-Bell - the largest bell in the world. Not far from it one can see the Tsar-Cannon.
One of the well-known Kremlin museums is the Armoury Chamber. The famous golden cap of Monomach, the first Russian imperial crown of Catherine II, and many other precious historical items are
exhibited there.

Besides places of interest, commonly visited by tourists, there are a lot of streets to see in Moscow. For example, there is Tverskaya Street - Moscow's main street, which runs from the north end of Red Square up the hill to Tverskaya Square. Tourists are told that Tverskaya Street existed as early as the 12th century. It is the most expensive shopping street in Moscow and Russia. According to an index published by global real estate company Colliers International in 2008, it is now the third most expensive street in the world, based  on commercial rental fees. It is the center of the city's nightlife and entertainment.

Other famous streets of Moscow are: Varvarka Street, Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street, Nikolskaya Street, etc.

Answer the following questions:
Is the information TRUE, FALSE or NOT GIVEN?
Match the words and the translation.
Read about there is / there are and choose the proper form of the verb.
Read about the articles with city places and mark all correct sentences.
Change the following sentences using there is / there are.
Translate the sentences into English.
Make up sentences with the following words:
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