UNIT: China Aiming to ‘Breed’ Wimbledon Champ

Upper-Intermediate. Complex Subject. Спорт/Здоровье


to top побеждать, быть на вершине  glory - слава, предмет гордости
to settle for   - устраивать, принять to turn out to be - оказаться, выясниться
facility - способность, данные a hopeful - подающий надежды человек
determination решительность to display - показывать, демонстрировать
a starlet - восходящая звезда decade - десятилетие, декада

China is attempting to become top in another sport by aiming for tennis. They already proved their strength as a sporting nation by topping the medals table at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. China is said to have  a new target- to produce tennis players good enough to be Wimbledon champions.

They would also happily settle for the Australian, French and U.S. Opens. The Sky News TV channel from Britain reported on the efforts the Chinese are making to become a tennis superpower. If countries like Sweden, and more recently Serbia, can produce champs, then China think that their country has a great chance.

They have the
facilities and the determination to achieve their dream. China already has a role model for the younger tennis starlets to look up to. She is Zheng Jie who reached the Wimbledon semi-finals in 2008. Sky News China correspondent Holly Williams visited the Xiannongtan School in Beijing. There, she saw children as young as six being trained to compete for sporting glory in the future. She spoke to the training manager Huang Hongjun about his training methods.

Mr Hongjun said: "We pick the students by testing the quality of their bodies. It's important we get it right, because if we choose incorrectly then they won't
turn out to be champions." One of the future hopefuls of the school is 11-year-old Hao Huatian. He is known to train six days a week, have no school holidays and only see his parents once a week . Williams reported: “He has already won a national championship, and displays extraordinary focus for a player of his age.” He is definitely a name to watch for before the end of this decade .

Answer the following questions:
Is the information TRUE, FALSE or NOT GIVEN?
Match the words and the translation.
Read about Complex Subject and choose the proper form of the verb.
Read about Complex Subject and fill in the gaps.
Change the sentences using Complex Subject.
Translate the sentences into English.
Make up sentences with the following words:
Express your opinion on the following: