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Ferenz List

Ferenz List, the famous composer and pianist, was very kind man. This story shows how kind he . Once there lived a poor girl with mother and a younger brother. The girl music and was very talented. One day her brother caught a cold and ill. The doctor for but they were so that they could not pay for visit and the medicine he prescribed.

So the girl of a plan. She decided that she the people that Ferenz List had been teaching her music for some years already “If people about List it will attract them to my concert and I will be able to earn some money to keep my brother”. And so she did.

But one day while she was looking a newspaper she saw a note in which it was written that the famous composer Ferenz List was going some concerts in their town. The girl was that if List learned that she had told the people , he would tell everybody that he never her. As soon as List the girl went to him and told him the whole story. After she finished List said: Sit down to the piano and for me!” While she was playing List made some and at the end of the class he said to the girl: ‘Now, when somebody asks you your teacher is you can say it’s me, because I have given you my first class today!”

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